Guilt Noir

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Guilt Noir is a seductive and mysterious fragrance that captivates the senses with its enigmatic charm. This perfume is a manifestation of sophistication and intrigue, designed for those who appreciate the good things in life.
The opening notes of Guilt Noir are a symphony of sensuality, with rich, deep chords that create an aura of intrigue. As the fragrance develops, a heart of exquisite, velvety floral notes emerges, adding a layer of elegance and allure.
The base notes are a revelation of warmth and sophistication, leaving a lasting and unforgettable impression. Guilt Noir is a versatile fragrance, suitable for any occasion, from intimate evenings to big events. It embodies a modern sensibility that is both daring and refined.
With Guilt Noir, you can express your individuality and leave a lasting mark of intrigue and fascination wherever you go. This fragrance is the perfect choice for those who appreciate a scent that complements their sophisticated and enigmatic personalities.
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