Learn How To Resell Online

Discover the secrets to successful online reselling on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Whatnot, and more. Start your journey to becoming a savvy online reseller today
eBay & Amazon: 
Create an Account: Sign up for a seller account on eBay or Amazon if you don't already have one. 

Research the Item: Conduct market research to understand the product's pricing, demand, and competition on both platforms. 

Gather Product Information: Collect essential details about your product, such as title, description, photos, and item specifics. 

Start a Listing: Log in to your seller account and initiate a new product listing. Title and Description: Craft a descriptive title and comprehensive product description, utilizing relevant keywords. 

Item Specifics: Fill in item specifics like brand, condition, size, color, and other relevant details. 

Set Pricing: Choose your listing format (auction-style or fixed price) and set the product price. You can also add a Buy It Now option. 

Shipping and Handling: Specify shipping options, costs, and handling time. You can offer free shipping if desired. Payment and Return Policy: Define payment options, return policy, and other terms and conditions for buyers. Add Photos: Upload high-quality photos of your item from various angles. High-quality images are crucial for attracting buyers. 

Review and Submit: Thoroughly review all listing details. Once satisfied, click "List Your Item" (eBay) or "Save and Finish" (Amazon) to make the product live. 

Manage Your Listing: Keep an eye on your listed product from your eBay or Amazon seller account. Respond promptly to potential buyers' questions and monitor the listing's performance.