How To Make Money Reselling Popular Phone Cases

How To Make Money Reselling Popular Phone Cases

How To Make Money Reselling Popular Phone Cases

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Now that you 've figured out your niche, marketplace, and production process, it's time to get into the specifics of selling phone cases online ( if that's a channel you're going for ).

When you're starting out with any new business, your personal network is the best place to get honest feedback, advice, and even your first few sales -- this is called validating your business idea.

If you're selling your phone cases online, you're going to want to take some time now to set up your listing and some basic advertising to help put your business on autopilot.

A product page is your opportunity to really sell your product; to flaunt its central value propositions and reinforce trust with your customers.

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Cases, have been selling phone cases on the side of their coursework since they started their phone case business last year.

Since starting our phone case business, Case Escape, back in 2013 together, Matt's gone on to help more than 100 + other people get set up with the equipment they need in order to start a phone case business of their own.

I set up three different ads to begin with : one for the white marble phone case, one for the black marble phone case, and one for all four phone cases.

As we went over before, you have a few options when setting up your phone case business : DIY, drop shipping, or bulk orders.

Most startup kits come with everything you need to start making custom cases yourself, including printers, heat presses, templates, and blank cases -- everything you need to start making your own cases.

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Gazelle will buy your phone painlessly, though like other person - to - company transactions it may not yield as high of a price as a person - to - person sale.

You'll almost always get more money selling a phone directly to a buyer through Craigslist or eBay, but it takes more time and there's higher risk of buyers changing their mind.

EcoATM and selling straight to buyers will put cash in your hand ( though EcoATM will probably hand over less ).

Gazelle buys back phones similarly to Amazon or the carriers, rather than being a marketplace for buyers and sellers to deal with each other.

Get multiple angles, and if there are any particular scuffs or shows of wear, photograph them; being deceptive about the state of your phone will lead to poor feedback or outright refunds, depending on how you're going about selling.

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One thing I want to point out is that we asked the supplier to not send any marketing materials in our package, in Oberlo 's' Custom Note 'to suppliers.

For days, I had been sending customers to my website, letting them choose products that they were genuinely interested in purchasing, and then sending them to a dead end.

Find a product you want to carry, import it into your store, and -- when a customer places an order-- process the order directly in the app in one click.

Our supplier didn't add any marketing materials to our package so they actually do read the note you send to them.

Oberlo -- a Shopify App that fully integrates with your online store and allows you to choose from millions of products with the click of a button.

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I have strong feelings about which are the best freelance jobs sites, but at the end of the day you can find pretty good design talent on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and that are all loaded with freelance graphic designers ready to work with you on a project.

And because of the platform's appeal in the design community, you'll be hiring an experienced designer who knows how to work with new clients.

Hire a graphic designer on a site like to create a good - looking cover based on your direction and input for not much money.

Otherwise, it's time to hunt out a designer that works in the style you like and can bring your brand to life.

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Trading in the phone with your current carrier or with the vendor won't work if you're switching to an unlocked device like the OnePlus 5T.

For example, Apple phone trade - ins only apply to the iPhone 5 or above, which won't work if you have an older phone you're trying to unload.

That's partially why great care was taken to create this list of the best cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Increasingly, phones are unlocked by default if you buy them outright, but if you're financing your phone through your current carrier, you'll need to be careful and understand the terms and conditions of having it unlock your phone.

So I isolated each phone case and pasted it into my Unsplash photo overtop of the iPhone in the original image.

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In each post, I used a nice, high quality photo of my phone cases and laid out the strengths of my products as clearly as possible in the caption.

For my product pages, I used the two strongest product photos from each batch to give customers a clear look at the product.

I headed to r / ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney and tried posted my products, but after a couple hours and dozens of hits, I was banned from the subreddit and my post was deleted.

That fact weighed heavily on my mind when I was thinking about writing a case study to help other store owners succeed.

Before I jumped into starting my store, I spoke with both Corey Ferreira and Tucker Schreiber who both wrote case studies on the Shopify blog.

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We talk to a master at selling on Amazon, Jordan Malik is not only an award - winning Amazon seller, he's written a best - selling book on how to make eBay and Amazon selling work for you.

Also, if you're selling your ebooks on Amazon you can do paid ads directly on Amazon to promote your books to a highly targeted audience based on keyword searches and specific products ( like related books ).

Keep in mind that while is the most common way most people think of selling ebooks online, you can also sell your ebooks directly from your own website as well.

You can write shorter books for Amazon and sell them at lower price points ranging from $ 2.99 to $ 4.99 and people prefer ebooks that are shorter with more focused niche topics.

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We found that Apple's claim of the case delivering 50 percent of your phone's battery life is right on the money.

You can choose when to turn on the backup battery with this case, which is an option Apple's case doesn't allow.

It looks very similar, in fact, and I found it delivered a bit more battery life than Apple's case ( although it still won't reach a full charge ).

As with Apple's previous smart cases, you can see the case's precise charge though the Notifications panel in iOS, and you only need the single Lightning port to charge both the case and your phone.

Highlights : Mophie is one of the best - known names in charging devices, and its Juice Pack Access is an affordable alternative to Apple's own Smart Battery Case.

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Instead of starting an ad from scratch, I decided to post my content organically to Crush Case's Facebook page and then build an ad around it after.

I published my video to Crush Case's Facebook page and built an ad around it in the exact same style that I had used for my previous ads.

Product Ads are a type of retargeting ad that serves visitors ads with the products that they specifically viewed or added to their carts during visits to your store.

While steady traffic from Facebook was converting well, I decided to look for some new ways to drive some bursts of qualified traffic.

When you set your ads to engagement, Facebook will use your initial targeting to seek out people that respond positively to your content.

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Passwords can ( and should ) be backed up using a centralized password manager, but Google also has a built - in password manager tied to your Google account that will auto - fill usernames and passwords both in apps and on the web in Chrome.

A handful of apps use Google's backup service to keep everything synced to your Google account and will re - download with data intact on your new phone.

Assuming your data is associated with your Google account, then your contacts, calendar, and email will already be fully backed up in the cloud.

Here, you'll see your Google account(s ), where you can tap on them, and see more settings to remove them permanently.

You'll see a list of various accounts you 've set up on the device, but you want to tap on Google.

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If you want a great leather case that's unmistakably leather and also works as a minor conversation piece, then check out Woolnut's cases.

Apple itself makes one of the thinnest leather cases around, and unlike many other cases in this category, this case has plastic tactile buttons grooved into the sides so you're always certain that you're making contact with the side or volume buttons.

As a slight downside, this is one of those cases that only has subtly raised grooves for the side buttons, and it's also a tad thicker than Apple's leather case.

Other cases are typically made from one slab of leather, so you often have to feel your way around in order to find the buttons.

The main difference is that, while the buttons are raised on the sides, they're still made from the same leather as the rest of the case.

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With Privy, I set up an exit - intent popup that offered a 15 % discount code in exchange for a visitor's email.

For my program, I decided to offer influencers 15 % coupon codes and send them $ 5 if a sale was made using that code.

I created a discount code for 20 % off and then began firing off abandoned cart emails to every lost customer, apologizing for the technical errors that prevented them from checking out and offering the discount as consolation.

I grabbed the hex code ( color code ) and headed over to Pixlr to see what I could do with it.

My open rate was 42.1 % and 21.1 % of those opens lead to clicks - to - website, but no one redeemed their discount code.